Talk and workshop at Critical Fashion Practices Master, Artez

Year 2023

Embodied publishing talk and navel expanding workshop at the Critical Fashion Practices Master at Artez in Arnhem. Thank you Hanka van der Voet and Femke de Vries for inviting me once again. 


Dark Cousin

Year 2022

I have started writing for a column called Dark Cousin on steganography and beyond, featured on the design platform SourceType.


Ghosts in the Family

Year 2021

Ghosts in the Family was a writing workshop co-hosted by Toni Brell and myself. The workshop was centred around the role of storytelling and fiction from queer, feminist and diaspora perspectives alongside each other. Toni explored ways to challenge and disrupt hegemonic narratives as potential gestures to create alternative realities, while I approached fiction and storytelling as tools for immersion and empathy in the mending of intergenerational and diasporic divides. A variety of collective and individual writing methods were practiced to conjure up and exorcise ghosts in the family.


Steganographic Poetry Workshop

Year 2021

On the occasion of the Onomatopee book launch of Research for People who (Think They) would Rather Create by Dirk Vis, I hosted a speedy Steganographic Poetry Workshop on the method of the Carden grille. 


Online lectures

Year 2020

Lectures from across the ocean as a result of Corona. I had the opportunity to present my work at Rhode Island School of Design, California Institute of the Arts, California College of the Arts, Zurich University of the Arts and HfG Karlsruhe 


Book launch at Onomatopee

Year 2019

The launch of 'A Cookbook of Invisible Writing' at Onomatopee, organised by Joanette van der Veer. I set up a UV lit demonstration room where visitors could test out invisible ink.


Workshop and talk at Artez Zwolle

Year 2019

From invisible writing to visible mending. Thank you Shailoh Phillips for inviting me to spend an afternoon with Master Interior Design students at Artez Zwolle. It was a nice chance to talk about how invisible writing brought me to visible mending. The session was then followed by figurative mending while chatting about cultures of apology (making amends) and pondering about what over-mending and speculative mending could mean.


Found in Translation at Perdu

Year 2019

Thank you Urok Shirhan for inviting me to speak about steganography this Friday. Unlike other talks, Urok has encouraged and challenged me to speak more personally and reveal the intimate reasons behind my affinity for secret writing. This time, it will be a public disclosure of something different, something scary, something vulnerable...


Residency at my mum's sewing shop in Sydney

Year 2019

I was able to spend time with my mum in her shop, Jenny's Dry Cleaning and Alterations, and learn her trade in clothes reparation. I thought alot about what it means to mend not only clothes but relationships that have been torn over time and distance. 


Hutong Whispers at Drugo More

Year 2018

Solo exhibition Hutong Whispers coming up at Drugo More. Very happy to have the chance to present the work that I developed during my Beijing residency at I:projectspace last year.