Radio Slumber


Made collaboration with Elaine W. Ho, RADIO SLUMBER is a three-part aural brew and online grimoire that casts its gaze out from a closed-door coven of potluck workshops + secret societies + spa retreats + fests of slumber (aka ...pwsssrfs...) that took place at Motel Spatie in Arnhem, Netherlands, over the winter of 2020. This turn to the ‘endotic’ (as in Perec’s spatial and anthropological turn from the ‘exotic’) makes multi-dimensional inversions of the east-west dichotomy, strategically dissecting cultural theorist Rey Chow’s ‘fascist longings in our midst’. From RADIO SLUMBER’s audio book of spells, gossip whispers leak the accidents of intersectionalism and conjure—via the foundation of friendship—other practices of care from both near and far.

One year later, this mixed media brew of herbs and processes have ripened as a ‘diasporadic’ fermentation: deep listening, storytelling, conversation, music and other audio experimentation complete the slow brew for a sound slumber.

Including contributions from …pwsssrfs… participants Clara Balaguer (PH.NL.ES), Teana Boston-Mammah (SL.UK.NL), Chao Co-op (CN.HK), Seecum Cheung (CN.VN.UK.NL), Zoénie Liwen Deng (CN.NL), Angeliki Diakrousi (GR.NL), Clara Jo (DE.KS.UR), Vienna-based collective Mai Ling (AT.CN.AU.KR.JP.UK.DK.DE), Utrecht-based Read-in (CA.CO.DE.GR.ID.KR.NL), UK-based Rising Bun (UK.HK.NL), and more, with Elaine W. Ho (HK.US) and Amy Suo Wu (CN.AU.NL) serving as hosts, DJs and coven mama-sans.

❧ Séance I:  Friday, 12 February 2021 at 18:00 UTC+01 on Stranded FM (Utrecht), featuring:

  • “On Rising”, by Rising Bun
  • “Mai Ling Kocht 2 - Eating as Pleasure and Protest” (audio version), by MAI LING
  • “Science Fiction, Dreadlocks and Turmeric Chai Lattes: On Fusion, Cultural Appropriation and Complicity”, Excerpts from a conversation between 안예라 Yela An, 정현주 Hyunju Chung, 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho, 雷静霖 Virginia Lui, 郭圓瑩 Ying Que & 吴索 Amy Suo Wu, 12 February 2020
  • and poetry interludes by 鄧麗雯 Zoénie Deng

❧ Séance II:  Saturday, 13 February 2021 at 18:00 UTC+01 on Radio Orange (Vienna), featuring:

  • “Gossip Gaps”, by Angeliki Diakrousi
  • “Gossip, Authenticity, and the Institution: A Secondhand Conversation on ‘The Fascist Longings in Our Midst’”, excerpts from a conversation between Teana Boston-Mammah, 張詩琴 Seecum Cheung, 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho & 吴索 Amy Suo Wu, 24 January 2020
  • “八卦 Bagua: A Thirdhand Chat in Progress” between 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho & 吴索 Amy Suo Wu
  • The Britney Conspiracy interlude
  • and poetry interludes by 鄧麗雯 Zoénie Deng

❧ Séance III:  Sunday, 14 February 2021 at 18:00 UTC+01 on Hong Kong Community Radio and Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee (Amsterdam), featuring:

  • “Mein Name ist Mai Ling” (multi-language version), by MAI LING
  • “The Faithful Channel, Chapter One: Remittance, Reparations and Revolutionary Taxes”, Clara Balaguer & Bea Misa-Crisostomo
  • “Haunted Bookshelves”, by Read-in
  • “Qiaopi Letters Reading/Writing Exercise”, by 吴索 Amy Suo Wu, 안예라 Yela An, 정현주 Hyunju Chung, 雷静霖 Virginia Lui, 郭圓瑩 Ying Que & 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho
  • and poetry interludes by 鄧麗雯 Zoénie Deng

Check to hear the radio shows, see documentation and whisper gossip. This website and its sounds have been gently stirred into being with the sight & sound magic of 吴索 Amy Suo Wu and 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho, with the additional coding spells of Angeliki Diakrousi.