Fun with Hotglue

Where No Flag Has Gone Before was a live blue-screen studio installation offered visitors of the exhibition the chance to reenact their own glorious moment of the first planting of the American... more

Set in the near future, BENJI... more


Initiated by Alina Parigger and myself, Holy Crap was a participatory happening where discarded material was turned into divine altars. The space was open to the public and workshops were held for... more

If a machine inevitability embodies its inventors' desires, my rhetorical question is can it free itself from its' masters reign? What would technology be without desire? Can you strip it away,... more


Meditations on the Indranet follows the philosophical Buddhist metaphor 'Net of Indra' in which Indra's celestial Net is used as a model of our... more

Daylife Uncensored springs from my thesis Dimensions of Censorship and further investigates the notion of media censorship. Drawing from Foucault's... more

Dimensions of Censorship questions how internet censorship, for better or worse has affected the transient state of China. It is common knowledge... more


Poster for North Sea Jazz Festival (Ahoy, Rotterdam) art poster competition. Reflecting on the improvisational nature of jazz, this poster is an... more

Inspired by Gordon Matta-Clarkes' completion through removal method in changing and complexifying spaces, I adopted the same technique to a Vogue... more


An illustrative typeface developed using squatted and abandoned buildings in Rotterdam as the components of each letter. Buildings include de Fabriek, Locus 010, Poortgebouw, de Boogjes etc.... more

A book of portraits of five close friends and family. Affection grows through time spent with others; it is tactile, emotional and intimate. 

Exhibition design for 'Fields of [Inter]action', part of the exhibition ‘A better world, Another power’ in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) Rotterdam, at the Architecture Biennale... more