Poster for North Sea Jazz Festival (Ahoy, Rotterdam) art poster competition. Reflecting on the improvisational nature of jazz, this poster is an... more

Inspired by Gordon Matta-Clarkes' completion through removal method in changing and complexifying spaces, I adopted the same technique to a Vogue... more


An illustrative typeface developed using squatted and abandoned buildings in Rotterdam as the components of each letter. Buildings include de Fabriek, Locus 010, Poortgebouw, de Boogjes etc.... more

A book of portraits of five close friends and family. Affection grows through time spent with others; it is tactile, emotional and intimate. 

Exhibition design for 'Fields of [Inter]action', part of the exhibition ‘A better world, Another power’ in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) Rotterdam, at the Architecture Biennale... more