On the pros and conss of oblique communication, labyrinthine tactics for survival in Chinese diasporic realities and musings on how my mother and I navigate these treacherous entanglements. 

Serenity Department officially has an online space! It is the home of affective labour as research and financial labour as webshop.


This installation began as a series of informal gatherings which took place over the winter of 2020: part sleepover, part social-practice art, part ‘diasporadic’ coven, and part study... more

In the ongoing column Dark Cousin, I offer embodied reflection into the evasive territory of the visible and invisible, and take readers down a meandering path of coded language throughout history... more

From the many conversations with my mother, I write a letter to Ursula, an ancestral entity whom I share our mending journey with.


An embodied publication shifting between between protective armour and safety blanket, magazine and garment, and human and mythological creature.



An intergenerational mending practice two years in the making, between my mother Maria Ling Qing Huang and myself.

Paper replicas of the life-sized joss paper dresses were ritualistically burnt in an attempt to connect me to the past, present, and future, through gestures that I have come to understand as... more

An essay reflecting upon literal and metaphorical modes of mending as an artist and educator.

A three-part aural brew and online grimoire that casts its gaze out from a closed-door coven of potluck workshops + secret societies + spa retreats + fests of slumber (aka …pwsssrfs…) that took... more


An expanded publication in the form of a semipermeable curtain and website for the Artists’ Book Library, Tai... more

A Meditation on Skin and Care and its Interconnecting Tissues. Created by Elaine W. Ho and myself for the PWSSSRFS series at Motel Spatie over the winter of 2020, while incidents of racism against... more


The book is an introduction to analog steganography, a type of secret writing that is hidden in plain sight. It is an invisible ink colouring book, recipe book, puzzle book and artistic research... more

In this iteration of Thunderclap, the show was set up as part-shop, part-sewing workshop and part-exhibition. Thunderclap employs... more