Workshop at The Influencers festival


Where: The Influencers Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 3 hours

The goal of the workshop was to make street posters using invisible ink. When I ran the workshop, the invisible ink recipes were printed in regular black ink on posters that were placed up around the streets in the area. Maps of the posters’ city locations were handed out. Participants were to take a photo of the different recipes when they found them scattered in the city. They were to use these invisible ink recipes to make their own street posters. Since this workshop was in the midst of the Catalonia independence movement of 2017, I invited them to reflect on the political landscape in the spirit of the time. Once the posters were made and dry, we put them up in the public sphere and marked them on a map. Finally, we walked through the city and activated all the posters together. You may choose to work individually or in groups.