What: Presentation and preview station for WORM Pirate Bay, commissioned by WORM (Frederic Van de Velde).
Where: In the foyer of WORM, Rotterdam

DISPLAY is a preview booth for WORM Pirate Bay, an archive of underground and avant-garde books, records, CDs, movies and gadgets turned into a public library. Up to three visitors can crawl into the soft and womb-like cocoons to watch films, listen to music, read books, and even sleep – while spectators can watch visitors preview the archive through the glass from the other side. DISPLAY also serves as a small fluffy exhibition space showcasing various media and art objects from WORM Pirate Bay. 

Converting an old mobile archival storage unit into a multi-functional presentation unit, DISPLAY indiscriminately displays media, objects and artwork as well as the body as an object. Formed like a human ant farm for ever-hungry eyes, it alludes to the windows of Amsterdams’ red light district and the always-on-display culture perpetuated and mediated by reality TV and social media. 

Review of the WORM Pirate Bay and DISPLAY by De Filmkrant in Dutch

Photos by Max van Dongen