"Greetings from the Invisible Borderlands” is a series of messages that experiment with analog steganography, the art of concealing information within plain sight, for contemporary online surveilled mediascapes.

TLTRNW (Too Long To Read and Write) is a collection of sketches that explores abbreviation, compression and fragmentation in relation to how we consume and produce information and work in the digital age and beyond. It is a thought experiment into how we might communicate in the future, and further investigates how technology shapes those who in turn shape the form, meaning and the medium of the information.

1) Get off the technological hamster wheel.
2) Innovation ≠ Good, Obsolete ≠ Bad.
3) Obsolete Design.

Playing around with MakeMeBabies.com, a website that uses face detection technology by Luxand, Inc. to predict what your baby will look like. Through testing, I was trying to understand the technical function as well as the political, cultural and emotional undercurrents driving the system from the perspective of system maker and user. In my experiments with the software I found racially dubious categorisations and absurd misidentification.

Ongoing project officially since 2013 and unofficially since 2010. Holy Crapparel is for re-used material, DIY practices and the makeshift. I also designed the website in a way that shows the relationship between 3 important steps of how my practice: finished work shows what I did, process shows how I developed the project and references shows what I was inspired by. Darija Medic did a wonderful job building and realising site.

Fun with Hotglue