Secret Art Cinema

Year 2016

BENJI will be shown at Secret Art Cinema, a new Rotterdam-based initiative that aims at bringing Video Art back into the spotlight. This is a side event of Rotterdam Contemporary that shows film and video works by Rotterdam-based video artists. For this first edition, the selection of works will highlight the consequences and the strengths and weaknesses of the relation between human bodies and digital influence. Each of these recent, authentic works will cover a specific aspect of this relationship. 


The Work Of Art In The Age Of Technical Remediation at Kulturni Centar Pozega

Year 2015

I was part of the exhibition 'The Work Of Art In The Age Of Technical Remediation' curated by Darija Medic in Kulturni Centar Požega, Serbia. For this show, I contributed with the work "A Media Archeology of Steganography", which involved a performance during the opening night where I publically disclosed my invisible work. Other artists include Birgit Bachler, Gojko Dutina, Darija Medić, Florian Cramer, Karkatag Kolektiv, Luka Knežević Strika, Tatjana Vukelić


Van Eyck Summer Design Academy

Year 2015

From 24 -30 August, 15 international graphic designers and myself participated in the Van Eyck  Summer Design Academy 2015, 'The Digital vs. the Archaic'. During a weeklong course, we worked at the Charles Nypels Lab under the guidance of the Design Displacement Group, using all graphic design media from coding to RISO, from silkscreen to the use of vintage stencil machines. The printed and digital results are exhibited from 31.08.2015 - 12.09.2015 at the Van Eyck, however you can also see some results on this digital archive.


Tactics and Poetics of Invisibility

Year 2015

At the moment I'm conducting a research project supported and supervised by Florian Cramer (director and research professor of Communication in the Digital Age at Kenniscentrum, Creating 010), on how analogue forms of steganography, namely invisible ink, could be a possible solution to more secure communication in the age of pervasive online surveillance.